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Otel Halısı Trendleri - Yeni Modeller Carpet: AltınçağHalı

2020 Otel Halısı Trendleri - Yeni Modeller Carpet: AltınçağHalı 2020 Otel  

Wool: Benefits of Carpet. If the ambient humidity is high, it will absorb excess moisture. If the humidity is low, it reveals the moisture it absorbs and stays in the environment. Thus, it provides a balanced and healthy environment in terms of heat and humidity. Wool carpet is very difficult to ignite. It is the only fiber capable of self-extinguishing when the flame source disappears. Burning cigarette butts and match materials are extinguished on the wool carpet and usually leave no trace. Carpets made of other fiber types are pitted and pierced in such burns. This is vague in the wool carpet. With this feature, it exceedingly fulfills the NON-FLAMMABILITY criteria sought for most spaces.


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